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Monument of Sins (Teaser+SFM) :iconherioc107:Herioc107 24 9
The Arsenal: Desolation,Chapter 26 (Final Chapter)

Chapter 26
Far from the wreckage that was once the shining beacon of Unity's success, a few transports flew over the Atlantic Ocean. The prototype vessel flew over in its might, luckily it was far from the escaping transports. The small group was carrying civilians, some soldiers, and the company of Wolff, Carlya, James, and Anabel. Anabel was piloting a transport while James was carefully laid out on the floor with his missing arm patched up, even if it was still a stump of its former. Wolff watched the horizon pass as the transport continued forward, his arms were crossed as he was deep in thought; mostly for the comrades he believed were most likely lost. Carlya approached the cockpit from behind them.
"How close are we?" said Carlya.
"A few minutes, hopefully we can spread the word quick. The United States should be easy to contact if they're still f
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The Arsenal: Desolation, Chapter 25

Chapter 25
 Arsenal walked through what looked like a street to the capital. The ground was littered with debris from the buildings up high, the corpses of soldiers and civilians, and the smoking bodies of caped heroes. A heavy weight was felt upon him once he noticed half the bodies consisted of children. Arsenal's visibility was limited as well as he walked over piles of rubble and bodies, the smoke and white cloud in front him blocked the distance ahead. However, the capital building was still standing and towered over the cloud from above. He entered a small courtyard, where more dead soldiers were seen, bloodied and beaten from the attack. The statue that once honored a great leader named Crusader was shattered to pieces behind its stand. Arsenal stopped in his tracks as he looked at the figure, feeling a cold shiver down his spine. He took a deep breath and moved onward to the interior of the capital build
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The Arsenal
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I may not send a comment about it to you, but I always appreciate a watch! Thank you.

About one of my main personal characters*Arsenal*:…

If you're looking for one of the reskins I've done in gmod; send a note to me and let me know!

What do I plan to make here on Deviantart? Well, I like to make a story half the time, usually making a hero or a villain, prefer myself as a story writer to what my imagination draws up from inspirations or originality.

As of now, I'm doing mostly Gmod screenshots with posing and using custom characters I've written up in the past, despite not having my own original models and such. Credit to each modeler to the originals though.

Don't Need to Thank Me Stamp by Adreos Stop getting butthurt over opinions. by World-Hero21 Respect is EARNED. by World-Hero21 As in, no 'THIS JUST SUCKS' by endler Learn Your Lingo Already by endler The Ugly Truth Stamp by mylastel Stamp: Another wake-up call. by Catthylove Why Would You Say Such A Thing?! by MissGingerIce In Life, You Will Be Judged. by el-Jimmeister So Quit Trying by OdieFarber Rebel Stamp by Galialay Watch Count Stamp by Adreos
Really Watch Me Stamp by Adreos The Gallery Stamp by Busiris :: Liek thanks you :: by Liek

Greetings everyone! Herioc107 here with a quick journal I thought up for the sake of organization. For anyone who has missed the animations I've done on both Garry's Mod and SourceFilmmaker, this is where you'll find them. Details will be provided as always!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

#1 - Alliance: Clash of Heroes (Short Trailer)
An upcoming collaboration project that features characters from a variety of media in :iconarchangel470:'s world of Alliance. Challenges heroes on their position, dividing them to a civil war.

#2 - Alliance: Recompense, Trailer #1

A (hopefully) much closer project to write. In the same universe as :iconarchangel470:, this places Alliance veteran; The Arsenal, into the universe after his story is complete. Times have changed and this aged veteran must decide on whether he should aid in the rescue of Miranda Lawson's sister from Cerberus's grasp or remain in hiding due to his disconnected feeling on the Alliance, Commander Shepard, and other members he's gotten to know. A second one is on the way in his perspective, this one is in the perspective of Miranda Lawson who heads the rescue.

#3 - Alliance: Recompense, Trailer #2
#4 - The Arsenal: Brotherhood Trailer
#5 - Chaos Wars: Task Force Menage Trailer


Got myself to watching the movie Dunkirk, and found an very interesting video related to it. Worth a watch, in my honest opinion.

Two Years ago, I had posted this video on a very serious matter that was given a voice of sanity by one of my inspiration idols to understand and learn about, and to be more cautious on consumerism and self-reflection. Today, the man that had created the voice of sanity on this video has passed away at age 33. 

RIP John Bain/Totalbiscuit. 
For those of you wondering or haven't heard, net neutrality is back in control after the Senate voted to overturn the decision from the FCC last year.
Here's the Documentary film I've been working on in the last few months. It's pretty much very History Channel-ish so it might not be in preference, but do take a gander when you can and let me know what you think! I'll be looking to improve it in the future with further additions.

Currently working on a documentary film that's about eh...probably 20 minutes when it's edited completely. Lemme know if you guys want to see it when it's done. Though I'm not sure if Youtube will allow it to be posted since it'll be over 15 minutes...for some reason.


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