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The Edge, As We Fight On. (Gmod+Storylines) by Herioc107 The Edge, As We Fight On. (Gmod+Storylines) by Herioc107

The final chapter based on :iconbealmeister:'s Chaos Wars, a gigantic crossover universe pitting many villains against heroes of all kinds. Only one shall prevail in this war. Dimension's barriers have been broken, worlds have collided as many generations of villains have banded as The Brotherhood faces war with generations of Heroes in a united force known as The Order. Hope you like it!

Posing of the Gmod portion was done in the style of Kingdom Hearts.

Characters (Bottom Region) from left to right: Marcus Fenix (Gears of War), Master Chief (Halo Series), Fox McCloud (Star Fox), Yuna (Final Fantasy X), Marcus Andrews (OC of BealMister), Serah Farron (Final Fantasy XIII), Arsenal (Personal Character), Lightning Farron (Final Fantasy XIII)

Characters (Top Region) from left to right: Magmatron (Transformers: Beast Wars), Makuta Teridax (Bionicle), Yeul (Final Fantasy XIII-2), Optimus Prime (Transformers), General Shepherd (COD: Modern Warfare 2)

Posed in Gmod, Edited in Photoshop

No copyright infringement intended

Gmod Models in use:

Half-Life 2 Props and Models - (c)Valve

Metro 2033 Props - Harold Gruntt (Steam Workshop), (c)4A Games

Fox McCloud and Blaster (Super Smash Bros. Brawl Version) - Chrysaetos (Facepunch), (c)Nintendo

Marcus Fenix, Lancer (Gears of War) - fury_161 (, (c)Epic Games

Serah Farron - (c)SQUARE ENIX, Squiddy (Facepunch)

Lightning Farron - Mehdi and Squiddly (Facepunch), (c)SQUARE ENIX

Section 8: Prejudice Models (Personal Reskin by me) - Squiddly (Facepunch), (c)TimeGate

Black Ops 2 Navy Seal - Deus Ex Niliho (Steam Workshop), (c)Treyarch, (c)Activision

Yuna - PeacockConan (Steam Workshop), (c)SQUARE ENIX

Halo: Reach Weapons - Civil (Facepunch) (c)Bungie

Staff - Rastifan, Bloodwail (Facepunch)

Weapons - Larry_G (FpsBanana)

Republic Commando Props - KirilloTRON (Facepunch), (c)Lucasarts

General Shepherd –  tlsaudrl2548 (Facepunch), (c)Treyarch, (c)Activision



Magmatron , Optimus Prime –  (c)Hasbro

Makuta Teridax – (c)LEGO

Note: These events focus on the final battle of the Chaos Wars; any events before the Final Battle are unmentioned at this point.

Section 1: Collision

#1. Diving Into Fire: The Chaos Wars had evolved from its prior battles of liberations, conquest, and battling the tool of corruption to finally come to an end long waited by both sides. At long last, the confrontation for both sides; The Order and The Brotherhood, was arriving when both discovered a crucial piece of the entire war, the Genesis Cube. The Genesis Cube was the origin of this new multi-verse, and the Brotherhood's leader; Makuta Teridax (Bionicle), desired it for the darkness it held; as far as the Order understood. The Order would have to confront the Brotherhood's forces to where the Genesis Cube was at the Center Of The Universe. The Order's battle plan consisted of a spearhead assault to the center of the Brotherhood's set defenses to keep its enemies from the Cube. Arriving to their destination to confront the Brotherhood, the Order readied its forces to be handling ground forces and aerial forces. Marcus Andrews, Arsenal , The Master Chief (Halo) and a few other task forces of ODST led by Order members would need to handle the ground forces; to secure a landing zone so the Order can set up the spearhead to the Genesis Cube. Arsenal called in a favor before the Order’s forces had been assembled for the Genesis Cube; Star Fox was to be one of the air escorts along with Rogue Squadron (Star Wars). Taking Pelican drop ships (Halo), the ground teams were sent to clear a way for the main assault force to take its place onto the field. However, a few of the drop ships, including the one carrying Marcus Andrews’ team, were shot down by enemy TIE fighters.


#2. Burning Clock: With only a few miles from the LZ (Landing Zone), Master Chief and Arsenal pulled Marcus Andrews and the surviving ODST soldiers from the wreckage. With time running short, the team moved on ahead to the secure the LZ. Brief battles of Brotherhood patrols took place as Marcus’ task force rendezvoused with other task forces led by members of the Order. After securing the landing zone, Order forces from above had made way to send the reinforcements for the main assault; even with the battle above the ground still occurring. The remaining Leaders of the Order, mainly Optimus Prime (Transformers) and General Shepherd (COD: Modern Warfare 2), had to form the main assault force's supply line and squads so that the spearhead toward the Cube would be a successful one; it all came down to this after all. The Genesis Cube was held up in a place called the Hall of Origin, possibly where Makuta was as well. With time being short, there had to be two movements occurring with the main assault force and another to focus on the Genesis Cube. Marcus Andrews volunteers to be in the tasked squad that was assigned to take a certain route around the main assault forces’ route to the Hall of Origin; practically a backdoor tactic. Joining Marcus’ squad was Arsenal, Lightning Farron (Final Fantasy XIII), Dom Santiago and Cole Augustus of Delta Squad (Gears of War) and others to follow; while Marcus Fenix had Clayton Carmine, Damian Baird, and a few other COG soldiers.


#3. Striking Spear: The main assault had collided with the Brotherhood’s forces; small squads were on the route Marcus’ squad took on the Eastern side of the main confrontation of the Order and Brotherhood. The Western side was to be left alone to keep a quiet toe for Marcus’ squad as it made its approach. General Shepherd was to join Marcus at the Hall of Origin once the main confrontation was finished, but even the Brotherhood’s forces holding the line seemed to be off on its numbers; due to Magmatron (Transformers Prime: Beast Wars), who took his own side before the battle to the Genesis Cube. Once arriving to the point of destination at the Hall of Origin, Marcus and his squad waited for the go ahead from Optimus to strike the enemy from behind. Unfortunately, there was no progress in the Order pushing the Brotherhood back. So, instead of waiting for the go ahead, Marcus moves in squad in to the battle from the back of the Brotherhood causing their forces to be in panic from their defense. With their line of defense broken, The Order could now move into the Hall of Origin, but a large majority of Brotherhood forces had started arriving from the skies. In order to maintain the Hall of Origin and the Genesis Cube, the Order needed to give Marcus Andrews time to defeat Makuta and secure the Genesis Cube. As a desire, a few members of the Order had joined Marcus this time to finally put an end to things, such as Yuna (Final Fantasy X), Serah Farron and Snow Villiers (Final Fantasy XIII) and an unnamed soldier possibly there to observe; Arsenal thought it was best to not ask questions with little time to spare. Lightning tried to convince her sister to stay behind and tend to the wounded, but Serah appeared determined enough to help her sister finish the fight to finally go back their home, Eden.


Section 2: To The End

#1. Through The Halls, Our Tears Follow: As Marcus Andrews and his team followed the path through the Hall of Origin; the whole entire section looked ancient maybe even more ancient than time itself. Taking down a few more of the Brotherhood’s squads, Marcus Andrews and his team finally confronted Makuta, but also encountered Magmatron coming out of a different path. Makuta had his escort of Rakshi to fend off both of his opponents while he retrieves the Cube. It became of battle of wits, speed, and teamwork to get the Cube first. Magmatron had his own group of corrupted heroes such as Tidus (Final Fantasy X), but also villains from the Brotherhood while he raced to the Cube after Makuta. Marcus Andrews did the same, but it wasn’t enough as Makuta appeared to get the Genesis Cube first as the race went on. Makuta starts to absorb the darkness in the Genesis Cube; causing portals to open that began to pull in Magmatron’s team and Marcus’ team. The portal took many; such as Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth (All Final Fantasy Series Characters). Yuna started to get pulled into the portal as well causing Tidus to attempt to save her, but this causes both of them to get pulled in. Serah, as close to the battle as she was, happens to get pulled in as well by the portal. Arsenal and Lightning move in to get Serah away from the portal, but soon Lightning gets caught in the portal as well after saving Serah. Arsenal grabs Lightning’s hand as she hanged in the vortex from the portal; he then calls on the Master Chief to take a shot at Makuta as fast he could. Given the circumstances though, Lightning couldn't see a way out of the situation thus letting go of Arsenal’s hand, but not before telling him to take care of Serah as she let the portal take her away.


#2. A Line In The Ashes:  Makuta had taken fire from Master Chief’s Spartan Laser, and retreated deeper in the halls. Magmatron and his team were already on the move to follow him as Marcus tried to get Arsenal to his feet while he sat still staring at his hands after seeing Lightning disappear before his own eyes. There was no time for mourning right now though; Serah got Arsenal to his feet and back on track toward Makuta; even she felt at a loss for words seeing her sister disappear before her, but her sacrifice would be in vain if they decided to mourn now. The rest of Makuta’s Rakshi fended off Magmatron’s team as Marcus and company slipped through as they all ran through the hall. There was a change in plans once they caught up to Makuta as Arsenal looked back seeing Magmatron’s team making its way after defeating Rakshi's ; as it appeared to be at least. Arsenal tells the group to keep moving and ignore Magmatron’s team; that he’ll hold them off himself. In disagreement, Marcus tries to convince Arsenal to follow along but instead Arsenal steals one of Marcus’ hand grenades and tosses it to the ceiling above him; causing it to collapse behind Marcus’ team, but ahead of Magmatron’s to buy time. Now was the time Arsenal could finally put some of Marcus Andrews’ advice from a past discussion to full use, using his anger onto Magmatron.


#3. Intervention: The odds were similar as a past battle Arsenal had with Deadpool (Marvel), Boba Fett, and Darth Vader (Star Wars). Back then, they wanted him alive, now would be a different situation but Arsenal’s intentions were to be defensive to buy Marcus Andrews’ team time to get to the Cube and defeat Makuta on the way. Magmatron was accompanied with vicious foes like Scorpion, Quan Chi (Mortal Kombat), Darth Maul (Star Wars), and the Green Ranger (Power Rangers). Acting in a defensive stance, Arsenal fought off each foe studying their technique. Soon, Darth Maul got his lightsaber to hit Arsenal, but it wasn't enough after Arsenal tightly gripped the hilt of the saber; crushing its technological wires to bits. The battle kept going on and on, and soon Magmatron grew tired of Arsenal with his persistence, and knocked him aside and started to clear the way of the wreckage created by the explosion. Down on the floor, glancing to Magmatron as he appeared intent to clear the way it was exactly the moment Arsenal wanted to take as an act of vengeance for what he had done. Arsenal loaded his pistol with a Tungsten piercing round, and called out Magmatron. Arsenal took the shot on one of Magmatron’s eyes out with the round from his pistol. This causes Magmatron to take aim at Arsenal, but Arsenal had somehow been ported to a different part of the Hall Of Origin by a small girl named Yeul (Final Fantasy XIII-2) ; who wished to see Arsenal live as part of the future she sees as a Farseer (Somebody who sees the future, if you will). Yeul explained to Arsenal his importance in the coming future she wished to see, but says that now that she changed Arsenal’s fate by intervening she would shorten her live because in her state as a Farseer, a part of her dies when the future changes and a different Yeul is born to take her place. 

Images: Can't Let GoTo The Last BreathLast Resorts (Would have more, but No Makuta, Rakshi, or a suitable Magmatron Model)

Section 3: What The Future Holds

#1. Farewell, But Not Goodbye: Arsenal makes his way out of the Hall of Origin, spotting a Brotherhood vessel taking flight to the stars as the rest of the Brotherhood fled. Arsenal assumes the Brotherhood is defeated, but heads to Optimus Primes’ location, and sees Serah Farron and the rest of Marcus’ team intact. Arsenal surprises Serah, getting a leaping tight hug from her seeing him in once piece. Optimus tells Arsenal of Makuta’s defeat, and that the Brotherhood had retreated; leaderless and scattered now as it fled from the Hall of Origin’s sector, but there was a price. Marcus Andrews was nowhere to be seen after the final battle occurred, but on the good side so was Magmatron. Arsenal was thinking that Yeul may have sent Magmatron as well to a different location, as it may have been a possibility. The Order was to split up after the Hall of Origin was secured as the Brotherhood was deemed no longer a threat without its leader, but even as it was Arsenal went to the same location he lost sight of Lightning. Serah met him there and offered to have him come along with her friends; they didn't know where they were going but there was much to explore now maybe Eden was to have their help next after the War was over. Arsenal remembered Lightning’s request and agreed to go with Serah and Sazh who acted as their pilot; even if he hated speaking or fighting with Snow Villiers. With no sign of Fang or Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII), the ‘group’ that Sazh called the best of his friends appeared to be scattered from the Chaos Wars; Eden’s liberation would have to wait as it was their L’Cie focus in their universe. With no War to fight, Arsenal had only to think of Lightning in another possible life if she had been saved. Arsenal didn't have much a choice in where and how move forward though, so he said his farewells to his comrades; Samus Aran (Metroid) and Master Chief, along with giving his regards to Star Fox for the support in the battle for the Cube, and took his leave with Serah and the rest of her group. Either way, the future was unknown for what it carried in this vast universe.


And, as usual for fun. Dialogue, for those that are interested: *Characters from top to bottom lining*

:icondecepticonplz: *Magmatron* - "The Cube belongs to me, now stand aside insect!"
:iconmakutaplz: - "You will all soon understand. It shall be never-ending pain."
:iconyuelplz: - "I want to see this future, its light is filled with hopes and dreams. Even if I won't be around to see it; others must."
:iconoptimusplz: - "In this war, we fought as one. Those cowards will hide as they always do; we will be ready if they come again."

*General Shepherd* (Can't find a portrait of him) - "Tomorrow, there will be no shortage of volunteers, no shortage of patriots." Quoted

:iconmarcusfenixplz: - "I'll kick them off this god-forsaken hellhole if I have to."
:iconmasterchiefplz: - "The fight ends"
:iconfoxmccloudplz: - "Flying into the fires of war, heh. Just like old times."
:iconyunaplz: - "Tidus...why must you fight with Magmatron? He's a monster."

*Marcus Andrews* - "I never imagined that this day would come. Time to end this."

:iconserahffplz: - "It's my turn to help out. I wanna see this through to the end of it."
:iconherioc107: - "You know how it is Marcus; soldiers doing their job. Sacrifice is a last resort; now get moving. I got unfinished business with Magmatron."
:iconlightning-plz: "Take care of Serah, and don't give up."
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