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Hope, Their Greatest Fear (Gmod+Storylines) by Herioc107 Hope, Their Greatest Fear (Gmod+Storylines) by Herioc107
*Revised Areas on Section 3 (Parts 2 and 3)*

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

This is Part 3;
Part 1 of Storyline
Part 2 of Storyline 
Final Part of this Storyline

Based on :iconbealmister:'s Chaos Wars, a gigantic crossover universe pitting many villains against heroes of all kinds. Only one shall prevail in this war. Dimension's barriers have been broken, worlds have collided as many generations of villains have banded as The Brotherhood faces war with generations of Heroes in a united force known as The Order. Please take note some bits might be revised, some still don't seem to right to me. :/

Characters (Bottom Region) from left to right: Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Lightning Farron (Final Fantasy XIII), Arsenal *Using Nick's head since I can't model* (Personal Character), Serah Farron (Final Fantasy XIII), Fox McCloud (Star Fox)
Characters (Top Region) From left to right: Master Chief (Halo Series), Samus Aran *PED Suit* (Metroid Series), Marcus Andrews (:iconbealmister:'s OC), Magmatron (Transformers: Beast Wars), Zael (Personal Character), Darth Vader (Star Wars).

Posed in Gmod, Edited in Photoshop

No copyright infringement intended

Gmod Models in use:

Lightning Farron - (c)SQUARE ENIX, Mehdi and Squiddy (Facepunch)

Serah Farron - (c)SQUARE ENIX, Squiddy (Facepunch)

Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors (Personal Reskin by me) - (c)Valve

Section 8: Prejudice Models (Personal Reskin by me) - Squiddly (Facepunch), (c)TimeGate

Fox McCloud and Blaster (Super Smash Bros. Brawl Version) - Chrysaetos (Facepunch), (c)Nintendo

AVP 2010 Models - Lt_Commander and many others (Facepunch), Rebellion Studios, (c)SEGA

Weapons - Larry_G (FpsBanana)


Arma 2 JTF2 Soldier (Medal of Honor: Warfighter) - (c)Danger Close Games, (c)EA Studios

Sora (Kingdom Hearts) - (c)SQUARE ENIX,(c)Disney

Master Chief (Halo 4 Version) - (c)343 Industries

Darth Vader (Star Wars) - (c)Lucasarts, (c)Disney

Samus Aran (Metroid: Corruption PED Suit) - (c)Nintendo

Magmatron (Transformers: Beast Wars) - (c)Hasbro
Recap from Part 2: From last the tale had left off, The Order begins to focus itself toward its rival, The Brotherhood, after Samus Aran had committed a task force of her own to free a genetically enhanced soldier taken the title as 'The Arsenal'. Samus was accompanied along with The Master Chief, Marcus Fenix, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Lightning Farron as they fought off The Brotherhood's scientist known as Doctor Eggman, who altered Arsenal's genetics to create an army of clones for a former ally of Arsenal named Howard Zael. Now, The Brotherhood has taken steps with a new tool that has claimed many heroes and countless poor souls fighting for the light The Order saw fit.

Section 1

Theme Song

#1. Nightmares And Reality:
After a few events during the Chaos Wars, one of The Order's leaders, Optimus Prime (Transformers), had received word from one of his Cybertronian recons of a potential Brotherhood target in what has been named 'corruption' since the fall of comrades, Tidus (Final Fantasy X), who nearly struck down his closest friend, Yuna (Final Fantasy X). The corruption used by the Brotherhood was considered a danger by The Order, and each member was advised to take caution when the very tool took its role. A small moon around the planet Corneria was targeted by the Brotherhood for corruption as it served as a refuge for those that lost so much both before and during the Chaos Wars. Optimus sends in the newly fitted group of Samus Aran, Master Chief, The Arsenal, Lightning Farron along with a small task force to evacuate as much of the moon as they could, Optimus knew not everyone could be saved, and though the Brotherhood's force was small at first the bulk of them was made up of Predacons that were loyal to one named Magmatron (Transformers: Beast Wars). Samus and her team held the line for the evacuation as much as they could, but once the Predacons pushed the task force they were out of time for the rest of the civilians. At the helm of the assault, was Zael himself to confront Arsenal once and for all, and even with the Predacons proving little challenge to Samus' team, Zael had caught them off guard once he began showing his new genetic potential he received under his own request to Darth Vader (Star Wars) of The Brotherhood. Arsenal was made the key target by Zael while the Predacons pushed the rest of the task force to evacuate themselves until the point that Zael had put an end to his rival once wearing down Arsenal's Osmium armor and skin to the point of direct force of a Predacon spear to Arsenal's heart. Compelled with anger, Lightning Farron attempted to bring down Zael on her own, but Zael had no need to kill Lightning as he ordered the Predacons to keep her alive and captured for Magmatron himself. With only a quarter of the refuge evacuated, The Master Chief took command to have Samus and her task force evacuated before more casualties rose.
#2. Our Light Goes Dark:
Samus Aran was filled with the thought of revenge during the rest of the Chaos Wars since after all the work she had done to find one of her friends, The Brotherhood simply tossed it aside as if it was all for nothing. The Master Chief wasn't one for feelings, he didn't care much for the casualty and wanted to keep focus on the war, and mourn friends later in the future when victory was achieved, but even with his determination to keep Samus focused it wasn't enough to convince Samus on be more focused on the Chaos Wars. One of the members of The Order, Sora (Kingdom Hearts), had heard of Arsenal's death and Lightning's capture. Sora was one of the few that committed himself to Yuna to find a way to help her love-interest, Tidus, from the corruption that held him. One of the other few people that made a promise to Yuna was Lightning Farron, and with news of the possibility of Lightning's corruption, Sora found himself in a more tougher situation of making promises then his venturing days with his friends, Goofy and Donald. During one of The Order's many operations to put The Brotherhood at a halt, The Master Chief, Sora, and Samus finally confronted Zael. Zael held his ground, but with the combined force of the Keyblade, the Spartan's own unique skill and Samus' abilities Zael found himself to be at a disadvantage until The Brotherhood sent a corrupted Lightning Farron to buy Zael time to escape, but before he could escape a JTF2 got a shot off of Zael's helmet exposing his facial appearance to the soldier. The JTF2 soldier, Marcus Andrews, caught a glimpse of Zael's face by his bleak outlook, possibly due to exposure to the Corruption and Zael's new genetic code as an enhanced soldier. Meanwhile, the corrupted Lightning Farron proved more of a match between Sora, Samus and The Master Chief by her new strength and agility given by the corruption, and though Sora tried to reach out to Lightning to free herself from the corruption, Lightning didn't have any memory of meeting Sora of anything related to The Order. The corrupted Lightning Farron then fled along with Zael back to the Brotherhood even if their objective wasn't completed.
#3. What Was Once Lost:
Sora tried to piece together how Lightning became corrupted, even with her strong independent character that may have helped her resist, but The Brotherhood's corruption was more elusive than most thought. Samus came to the conclusion of Zael possibly manipulation Lightning as to Arsenal's death, the two had a chemistry and may have played a part in Lightning's corruption, yet all thoughts were put aside when Marcus Andrews told of his thoughts to the corruption being of a harm to Zael by what Marcus caught of glimpse of Zael's outlook. If the corruption had done anything twisted to Zael's bleak look, then one could only imagine what the corruption may have been able to do if Arsenal was ever corrupted with his many additions through science and war where Zael only received a fraction of its features. The war continued on with more confrontations with The Order and The Brotherhood with its villains and corrupted heroes, yet as the war raged on for months it soon became clear that the corrupted heroes became more resistant to their masters of The Brotherhood. The corrupted Lightning even struck Zael with her sword during one such confrontation with Sora watching the corruption possibly making its soon-to-be exit. To his own curiosity, Sora went through Arsenal's belongings, despite the respects to his death. Sora discovered Lightning's interest in Arsenal, they had traveled for months before the war, and to this discovery Sora also came across the dog tags of fallen soldiers. The Master Chief caught Sora in his investigation, and answered as much questions Sora had on Arsenal as he could. Chief knew about the Burning Ravens, a ragtag of former soldiers led by Arsenal, who were residents of a refuge of the dimension's broken barriers called New Haven, and to this new universe the Burning Ravens gave their lives along with many at New Haven against the Umbrella Corporation headed by Albert Wesker. Wesker was interested in Arsenal's unique genetic code, and to this action Arsenal found himself to be the last of the Burning Ravens after the attack on New Haven. With this information, Sora wanted to remove the corruption permanently as it was very similar to the darkness he once faced with his Keyblade in hand. Sora believed the Corruption had taken enough lives.
Images: Confronting Old Friends
Section 2

Theme Song

#1. Promises:
Waking up with sheer pain wasn't something new to Arsenal, yet waking up in a refuge was something new to him. Arsenal found himself in the remnants of the once refuge he thought Death had found him at, yet according to the refuge a man in armor got Arsenal to medical attention in quick enough time, and even with the increased recovery rate of his own blood cells Arsenal would've bled out as the Spear lunged into his chest was only a few meters from the center of his heart. Arsenal soon left the refuge to see if he could find clues of The Orders whereabouts after his presumed death, but all Arsenal could find was wreckage and Lightning Farron's pendant to bring back to the refuge to fully recover. One of the refugees had recognized the pendant Lightning once had, questioning Arsenal's purpose with it in his grasp. This refugee turned out to be Lightning's sister, Serah Farron, and after the Brotherhood had taken her home from her she could only reside in a refuge while the Chaos Wars went on. Serah questioned Arsenal about Lightning's pendant and what he planned to do as a member of The Order, and the answer was simple: Find Lightning, plant revenge on Zael and put a dent in the Brotherhood. Serah wanted to come along to at least help her sister and whatever connection Arsenal had with her sister, but to get off the moon was a challenge to both of them. Luckily, Zael left behind a small 'search and destroy' squad of clones to Arsenal's DNA meant to remove survivors or those the Predacons missed, so Arsenal used his technique from his NAVY Seal days to quietly kill one of the clones and disguise himself to get to Zael, but to get Serah along was to act as if he was capturing her for corruption. Arsenal tried to change Serah's mind to come along on his path of revenge, but Serah was a determined sister, difficult to persuade on her cause. Arsenal's plan continued for a while, he did get to witness the clones acting ruthless against the refuge survivors along with one Fox McCloud (Star Fox) who acted in force to protect the refugees, but Arsenal couldn't let his cover be blown so he apprehended Fox as soon as possible. The clones of Arsenal took a shuttle back to one of The Brotherhood's flagships to be moved to where the corruption was headed, and once Arsenal had reached there he removed the clones easily with the captured refugees taking the shuttle back home. Serah Farron followed Arsenal into the dark center of corruption along with Fox McCloud, who had a desire to search the area for his lost comrades.
#2. Heart Of Corruption:
Arsenal searched the area as much as he could for Lightning's whereabouts along with Serah Farron, but they had no such luck in finding Lightning in the holding cells the Brotherhood had. Arsenal couldn't release any of the prisoners inside as they would only give away his disguise to Zael or any other Brotherhood members, but as he was searching, Arsenal came across a familiar face. Arsenal found one of his squad mates from the Burning Ravens, Mikey Algredos, who was infected by Umbrella's abominations during the attack made by Albert Wesker, but Arsenal didn't tell Serah about his old friend and rather told her to wait for her at the end of the prison with Fox McCloud. Using a silenced pistol and trying not to think of what Mikey was doing in the Brotherhood's center of corruption, Arsenal had no choice but to end Mikey's misery before it became any worse for him, and as he returned to Serah he could only try to not show any emotion after removing his friend and taking his dog tag as he left. Without any sign of Lightning, Arsenal asked Fox to retrieve data about the corruption so they could finally give The Order an idea of what the corruption is, and as Fox downloaded the data into a small data chip for Arsenal, he came across a list of names that were to be corrupted, but it didn't matter as Magmatron likely wanted to corrupted everyone in The Order. While they wait, Arsenal examined the source of the corruption where Magmatron had it focused to be used on his victims so Arsenal decided to take two samples to return to The Order for study. Serah then asked Arsenal what he was going to do Lightning if she was corrupted. It was obvious Serah was frightened by the dark feeling the very place had around its own walls, yet Arsenal wanted to make it clear and final that if Lightning was corrupted he had to put her out of her misery in the darkness that held her. In disagreement, Serah tried her best to convince Arsenal not to kill Lightning, but rather to try to save her if possible from the corruption only to save himself from becoming a machine the Brotherhood wants him to become, but the discussion was dropped quickly by Arsenal as he barely saw Serah's point. Fox had made a way for an escape for Arsenal and Serah with a Shuttle at the ready for them, but as luck ran by so did a corrupted Lightning Farron to their direction.
#3. Vengeance:
The corrupted Lightning Farron battled Arsenal, and both barely held back against each other. Serah tried to convince her sister to fight the corruption inside her, but the fight still continued. Lightning had agility and strength, but Arsenal kept his ground trying to finish Lightning before the Brotherhood blocked off their escape, and even with the corruption inside her, Lightning appeared to be having difficulty fighting Arsenal possibly due to the rush of memories flooding her seeing her sister and what was once dead to her. This distraction worked for Arsenal, and nearly killed Lightning with her own sword, but Serah rushed to shield her sister from Arsenal to remind him of her determination. To his own decision, Arsenal took Serah's lead to keep Lightning, yet even he knew he couldn't bring himself to kill Lightning even if Serah wasn't accompanying him. Arsenal then told Fox and Serah to keep watch on Lightning while he paid Zael a visit as the logs in the data showed his presence was here. Zael was speaking with Darth Vader on the research of the corruption until Arsenal set off a C4 explosive near them at the main conference door, and even as Vader had faced Arsenal before he couldn't best him in his rage as he had Boba Fett (Star Wars) and Deadpool (Marvel) accompany him when they last confronted each other, but even so, Arsenal focused on Zael to put his revenge on him for his fallen soldiers, the Burning Ravens. Zael fought his best to defend himself against the enraged Arsenal, but in doing so, Arsenal fractured Zael's left shoulder and knee bone to bits. Arsenal then left after leaving the dents he needed to Zael and The Brotherhood, returning to Fox and Serah to finally leave the center of the Brotherhood's corruption.
#4. At Any Cost:
As they made their escape, Arsenal, Serah, and Fox were about to be stopped by Predacons. Magmatron discovered of what the three had and ordered to remove them, even the corrupted Lightning Farron who was aboard the shuttle. Serah was caught in the crossfire, possibly to bleed out if the shuttle didn't leave soon. Arsenal tried to fight back, but the Predacons inflicted a large amount of damage to Arsenal to the point of needing medical attention. Arsenal needed to think fast to get the escape route clear, and so he used one of the samples of the corruption to speed his recovery rate, and thus removed the Predacons attacking the shuttle. Finally out of the Brotherhood's reach, Serah asked how Arsenal got out of the battle without a scratch. Arsenal told Fox and Serah about his exposure to the corruption, and even if it was a small amount it was enough to get them out of Magmatron's sight, and hopefully it wasn't enough to turn him into the other corrupted. Returning to The Order was the next step as Fox made route, covering their trail, to The Order's main HeadQuarters where Optimus had waited for their arrival after hearing of Arsenal's return. Arsenal put a pair of cufflinks on the corrupted Lightning Farron to be safe, and gave the data and sample of the corruption he recovered to Optimus for the benefit of The Order. Once Samus caught word on Arsenal's return, she was overjoyed but then slapped him across the face for almost dying at the refuge months ago. Fox McCloud took his leave with the shuttle, venturing back into the stars he knew while Serah was given immeadiate medical attention, but now Arsenal's focus was on Lightning, on whether she could be saved or not.
Images: Stranded Vengeance, Undercover, Reunion
Section 3

Theme Song

#1. Mercy With Extreme Prejudice:
Marcus Fenix (Gears of War) gave the order to keep the corrupted Lightning Farron imprisoned until further notice, yet during then Arsenal was more interested in what was discovered with the corruption and how it could be reversed, as Serah believed. With time and patience, the corruption would be more known to The Order and possibly regain fallen heroes that have been corrupted by The Brotherhood. Marcus Andrews had spoken with Serah to find out what Arsenal was going to do with Lightning if no reverse was possible with the corruption, and with the knowledge of Arsenal possibly killing Lightning out of a senseless purpose of mercy Marcus kept his guard up whenever Arsenal was ever suspicious. With each questioning on the corrupted Lightning, it became apparent that she was more confused then committed to the corruption placed on her as to why Arsenal didn't kill her in the first place. Arsenal started seeing doctors once he had started seeing possible side effects of exposing himself to the corruption to escape Magmatron, but no actions were taken as Arsenal was sure that the corruption would leave no effect on him. One night, Arsenal found Zael in The Order's HeadQuarters trying to get to Lightning. Arsenal armed himself chasing down Zael, but Zael was accompanied by shadowy creatures that tried to stop Arsenal. Once Arsenal reached Zael at gunpoint he was quickly introduced to The Master Chief's fist, finding himself out cold with his former friends targeting him while a confused Lightning Farron stood back dazed and confused.
#2. Dangerous Checkmate:
Arsenal was put in one of The Order's prison, he had tried to kill the corrupted Lightning Farron the night before until The Master Chief caught up with him thanks to Marcus Andrews' warning on Arsenal's sudden burst of action, but thankfully no one was killed. Samus questioned Arsenal's motive, but Arsenal wasn't even sure what was real during that night so The Order hints that Arsenal is under a slight effect of the corruption he had taken, possibly hallucinations. Marcus Andrews, a JTF2 soldier, volunteers to help out, and doing so he tries to convince Arsenal to divert his anger toward Magmatron to override the corruption, but Arsenal was still convinced that he was immune to the corruption. Marcus then diverts the purpose to turn Arsenal's attention to Magmatron to help Lightning, using the love-interest the two had according to Sora and Yuna. The plan was good, but Arsenal didn't desire to put Lightning in harms way as he did before. Without any other option, Marcus devises a dangerous move, release the corrupted Lightning to Arsenal's cell. Under Marcus' and a few others watch to be sure Arsenal's possible hallucinations didn't strike again, the corrupted Lightning questioned Arsenal on why she is still alive. Avoiding the question, Arsenal stated that her sister, Serah Farron, was the reason. Unconvinced, the corrupted Lightning seemed to have collected a slight bit of her memories, so she demands Arsenal to tell the truth if he truly wanted to help her. Arsenal couldn't deny the fact itself, the Chaos Wars was a war where he had felt fear, darkness, and had a concealed love.
#3. Eternal Hope:
Marcus Andrews had made his point to Arsenal, he had to divert his sense of revenge and anger to Magmatron and The Brotherhood to keep the corruption out of his state of mind and not to blame himself for Lightning Farron's corruption. Once doing so, Arsenal had less incidents with hallucinations of the corruption, they still happened from time to time, but not very often as they normally would in his case. Meanwhile, learning of what she once was according to Arsenal, Lightning overrides the corruption discovering of the Brotherhood's lies after the Order reacquired former corrupted, Tidus and Cloud. Marcus Andrews had Arsenal's thanks for the time being, they worked well as a team in future operations along with other members of The Order. Hope became The Order's weapon against The Brotherhood to fight back against the corruption, and though it may not stop future corruption The Order is now more knowledgeable of the corruption's factors and may be able to convert many other corrupted. Arsenal had gone to his quarters in The Order's Head Quarters for a moment after speaking with Marcus Andrews, and noticed that one of the comm systems was directing to his attention. Zael was calling for his help from New Haven...
Images:  Within The Darkness,  Concealed, Humanity
And as usual for fun. Dialogue, for those that are interested: *Characters from top to bottom lining*
:iconmasterchiefplz: - "Hope is our weapon, we will finish the fight."
:iconsamusaranplz: - "I've seen enough people get corrupted."

Marcus Andrews - "I'm not a monster Arsenal! I never asked for my world to be invaded, I never wanted my friends to be killed off and you don't have to blame yourself for Light's corruption."

:icondecepticonplz: *Magmatron* - "Dark Energon has proved its worth. The Order will be shrouded in its glory when my victory is achieved, at long last."

Zael - "Only those worthy of being Kings and Gods can rule this new universe, and I will be at the helm of the successor."

:icondarthvaderplz: - "You had proclaimed that you could finally kill that man, yet he has now left scars we may yet recover from, pray you do not fail me again Zael...."
:iconsorakhplz: - "I will not let one more person become corrupted. The Keyblade will show me the way."
:iconlightning-plz: - "What was I to you? For a soldier, you hold back too much to finish your opponent."
:iconherioc107: - "Fine Marcus, you made your point. When we find Magmatron, I want his head..."
:iconserahfarronplz: - "I won't let you kill my sister. I don't care how much has happened or how hard you try, I will not allow it."
:iconfoxmccloudplz: - "Used to be a pilot, until this Brotherhood took over Corneria. Doesn't look like these guys have changed one bit."
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